Welcome to my portfolio!


I am a professional 3D Artist / Art Director / Consultant and 3D Art Trainer working in the game industry since 2008. Furthermore I am trainer for engines such as CryENGINE, Lumberyard, Unreal Engine 4 or Unity 5. Currently I am a freelancer so let me know if you need any help on your project.

While working at Crytek for about 5 years I had the chance to contributed to projects, trailers, demos and showcases to represent CryENGINE publicly. Therefore I had to switch often roles to cover specific areas and professions for example as a Tech Artist for rigging, 3D Artist for creating assets, content and as a Level Designer to create realistic and believable worlds. Part of my job was to coach and support licensees and triple A studios all around the world with creation of pipelines and art workflows for multi-platform development.



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ArtStation - Berker Siino



Unreal Engine 4 stylized rendering workflow

Building PBR environments for games


Art work and projects!


Rick Future the adventure game – Metalpop games

I was responsible for the Unity 5 art pipeline using PBR and creating content. As an Art Director it was also my job to designed the look and feel of characters and the world surrounding them. The game is in development by Metalpop games.

Engine_room_v1 bridge_v2 RF_Characters_v1

SDK first person hands asset (skinned character)

I did the Highpoly model of the first person hands/arms for the freeSDK and CRYENGINE in Zbrush, Lowpoly model in 3ds Max and texturing in Photoshop and Mudbox. Bone setup, control rig, skinning and final composition was made by me as well.


SDK Pistol example asset (skinned character and third person static object)

Created the Highpoly and Lowpoly in 3Ds Max based on a already existing Lowpoly. However the asset had a lot of issues and missing HP files and therefore I decided to re-create the whole asset to be sure to bake all my texture information. Textures made in Photoshop, skinned the gun and made the final composition and presentation.

web_04 web_03

Cinebox trailer featured vehicle asset (static vehicle object)

That was a pretty nice project I had the chance to contribute to the first Cinebox trailer by modeling the lowpoly (in-game) version of the GTK vehicle designed by Pascal Eggert. The Highpoly model was made for a rendering purpose and therefore it had to be modified and prepared to be a good source for baked textures. That is the point when I took the asset over to prepare and fix the HP model and create the in-game Lowpoly model, textures and mtl setup. Hannes Appell was the person in charge of the whole trailer and made the final compositions + mtl tweaks together with Joseph Garth.

 78 9 10 

SDK Forest level 3.5 version

Several people involved at the start of pre 3.5 versions of the Forest level in the SDK, I added the latest sections like the lighthouse area and the beach for 3.5 version of the level including beautification of all areas. The lighthouse was done by Tim Bergholz. I repainted the terrain,rearranged all vegetation, re-sculpted the terrain for new features and added rocks and the whole composition including new waterfall + particle modifications. I did the Time of Day and the new light setup based on the newest features of CRYENGINE 3.5. Therefore I had to create and modify several assets, including tree textures, terrain textures and particles. The Level was optimized and the performance got tweaked for next gen consoles (PS4, XBOX One). I did the final composition of the shots below to present my work, including additional light setups and time of day adjustments for each situation.


CryEngine modular building

Level design and creation of the content all done by myself as a 5 days evening content creation experiment. I was able to build complex buildings with 4 modular pieces  done in 4 evenings in 3ds Max, Zbrush, photoshop and CRYENGINE, one more evening was spend to do the final composition and presentation.